It’s baseball season people!

We all know that the cycle of Earth is made up of different parts. Seasons have a significant value in this structure.

The working of nature changes according to the season. We have also adapted to the format and have set our lives around it.

Sports leagues are a perfect example of this condition. Indoor sports do not affect as much as Outdoor sports do.

Even the tiny things matter. From the surface texture to the speed of the wind. Anything can affect the performance rate.

The format of any game determines all the factors that might affect it. Let’s look at one game that follows the above-mentioned format.

The present time is the perfect example! Those who are sports enthusiasts know what we are talking about.

If you are still in the dark, then no worries! We are talking about the infamous Baseball! A game that can be considered a staple in any American household.

Late September and early October are considered the end of Baseball season. It sometimes might get stretched up to November.

The beginning of this beloved game is either March or April. Normally, it is placed for around 6 months in a year but now things are slowly changing. People are also choosing to play for the entire year.

So if you witness any Chicago Cubs Hats around you, do not be startled! Expect to find them more as baseball season is on the go!