Types of crimping  | Mechanical and Hydraulic

Crimping is determined as a method of joining pipes, wires, and other types of outlets that are used in hydraulics. 

Other options are a part of this system as well but crimping is given a lot of importance. 

For this purpose, Continental Hydraulic Hose fittings are used by a lot of people. They are a trusted brand that has been in the market for a very long time now. 

All kinds of joints, connections, and add-ons are included in this section. Here, we are specifically going to focus on crimping. 

There are two major types of crimping. The names are given below:
1. Hydraulic Crimping
2. Mechanical Crimping

Mechanical Crimping uses direct force for the crimping to take palace and start working. The mechanical input is the external power. Whereas hydraulics crimping requires a connection that can be controlled remotely using electrical connections.

You must make the right decision when it comes to making connections. Analyze the whole system and output. Only then take any kind of decision.